Sunday, August 22, 2010

Helpful Tips and Tricks For Your Local Thrift Store.

When donating items to your local thrift store keep in mind that most of the items you drop off will be going to other people. People who will either pay their hard earned money for your items at a nicely discounted rate, or people who are in need of said items and will receive them free of cost.

A good rule of thumb is "Would I wear/use that in the condition it's currently in?"

Using this rule a person with minimal intelligence should be able to come to the conclusion that your gently worn jeans, shirts, pants etc, are good items to donate. Paint and Grease covered clothing, things with holes in them are not really something we can re-sell. (what the hell do you people do to your crotches? I have seen more crotch holes in pants donated at the Store than in a Frederick's of Hollywood catalogue) If you let Fluffy or Spot use a shirt or blanket for a pillow, please don't donate it. Ever see someones head explode when they open a bag of fur covered items and their allergies go to DEFCON1? It's not pretty. It's always sad when Great Aunt Amelia or Grandma Betty dies, but we really don't want her 12 boxes of mold and mothball smelling clothing from the 1970's. I'm sorry if that's mean, but just throw them away. Do I even need to advise you about dirty underwear or socks? I shouldn't have to, but apparently the General Public has no understanding of the idea that no one wants to buy your pee, poop or blood stained underwear. Yes, we get that donated. Every day.

Dishes, pots, pans, silverware in good condition are always welcome. Clean them first if you aren't sure...better safe than sorry.

Microwaves...yes, as long as you clean them out please. We don't enjoy having our faces melted off from the smell when we open a filthy microwave.

Books are always awesome. We recycle books we don't place of the floor to be sold so I really don't have any tips here.
Oh yeah, we don't want your porn. Magazine or Movie versions. Just keep it, or wait till some store closes and stuff it in their dumpster if you are too embarrassed.

Now its time for some examples...

Collections are awesome! Salt and Pepper shakers, Teddy Bear Statues, Clown pictures (shudder) People love raiding other peoples collections...

But we don't need your creepy giant Elton John collection:

Remeber, St Vincent de Paul is a Catholic orginazation, Salvation Army is also a religious orginazation...while this is funny, it's gonna offend someone.

If you think someone else might be able to use it...well, we can always try:

Tacky and Kitschy is also always good. College kids love that kind of stuff. I had a group of frat boys come in last week looking for clown stuff to decorate their house with...

And lastly, under no circumstances in the whole entire world EVER should you donate something like this:

Seriously? WTF? Do you people have any idea how low my opinion of the average human being has become from working at this place? Goddamn.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Portraits of Aunt Erin

Elise and Lydia drew pictures of me today, and brought them to work.



I have no idea what this is, but she assured me that it was very important.

There are three more in my vest at work, So I will have to update this later.

I love my girls <3