Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Looking for something good to read?

Then look no further. My lovely boyfriend, Blake, has finally gotten his first novel revised, expanded and uploaded to the Amazon Kindle Store and Smashwords e-Book store. It's priced at $2.99. so really, you have no excuse not to read it. And if you do read it, please be kind enough to review it for him wherever you purchased it from. It's a fun read involving super heros, conspiracies, aliens and even a touch of romance! I promise you'll like it!

Also, if you were interested...this is the basically what introduced us :)

(from www.Evertimerealms.com)
So last week, as you may have heard, I finally placed my novel Other People’s Heroes in Amazon.com’s Kindle store. This was, by the way, the revised and expanded version, with two bonus short stories. I’ve also put it in the Smashwords eBook store, where you can download it in virtually any eBook format. So while it’s still pending approval in the Nook and iPad bookstores, if you have either of those devices, you can already get your copy of the book. And no matter where you buy it, it’s just $2.99 — less than the price of your average Marvel Comic Book!


So with that done, the question is, what comes next? Well, for you guys, hopefully the next step is buying the book. I mean, if you wanna and stuff. I’d really appreciate it. And I’d also really (really, really) appreciate it if those of you who’ve read the book, either in the eBook format, the original paperback, or even last year’s audio podcast, would take a few minutes and write a review at the Amazon and/or Smashwords websites. Getting reviews for the book helps to boost its profile, which helps other people find it, which hopefully will lead to other people buying it. So if you could do that for me, it would mean a lot.

It would mean a lot to me too :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


March 23.1011

Insanely weird.
F2 Tornado in Hempfield Township, about a half an hour away.
We had hail, and lots of it.
All of that white in those pictures is not snow.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

If you take anything with you tomorrow, remember this:

Only douchebags drink green beer.