Monday, October 20, 2008

The End of an Era...

Miller Coors LLC has announced they will be discontinuing Zima.

It's a sad day in Memories of Good Times Past Land.
I have many many fond memories (some hazy) from my very late teens and early twenties where copious amounts of Zima was involved.

Sneaking Zima from my graduation party, and being so convinced my mom would catch me drinking it that I never drank it...I think I still had it years later, squirreled away in a closet

Going to Gator's in Bloomfield with Joanna at 19 and being served, always ordering Zima (how did he NOT know we were underage)

Kristy,Katie,Rachel and myself, along with some other names I dont remember, spending a warm summer night on Kristy's back porch...Zima and Marlboro Lites...that was the late 90's for me

College, a party at Irv's house. Zima and Mudslides (yak!) and watching Irv drum along to "Fight for Your Right" with his arrows, then Megan and I stealing his bed.

I must go out and buy myself a six pack of Zima tomorrow, before it disappears like those days have.

Ear Candy Ampersand Amanda Palmer


Anonymous said...

I... have never had a Zima. Believe it or not.

I guess I never will now.

ErinPatricia said...

omg no. Ill so make sure yu get to have one love.