Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just a taste...

I'm babysitting for my Brother till Tuesday, and even though he thinks he gave me the right password for his wireless, he did not.


The pictures from the Pens game on Wednesday (1/14) will go up soonish.

What else.

I got rear ended that same night. Baaaaaaad road conditions and the guy behind me on the Blvd of the Allies either didn't or couldn't stop and hit me while I was creeping (with my turn signal on!) trying to merge onto 579.\
Minor damage, really. But its the point. Roads are BAD. SLOW DOWN AND KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE FROM THE CAR IN FRONT YOU!!! A working knowledge of physics is also good if you wanna drive.
My back hurts, not in an OMG I HAVE OT SEE A DOCTOR kind of way, just sore.

I got a new phone. Nothing special, just what I wanted ( camera, music) for what I could afford and what they were offering (FREE!) but the texting is QWERTY and not the ABC I'm so used to. It's like learning the language all over again lol.

I took Elise (3years old) to Blade Runners tonight for her Tot Ice Skating class. Wow.
Total Controlled Chaos.
She fell, and cried, but we had a talk that involved a promise of ice cream and she eventually let the very nice and lovely Jessica take her back out onto the ice. Like a true Pens fan she repeated more than once "I dont wanna skate I wanna pway HOCKEY!" sweet, cuddly, loveble, innocent Lyds is turning into a Terrible Two Monster.
She mainly says 2 words now.
and Diego!

Steeler game Sunday.
I hope Ray Lewis doesn't shoot anyone.

Final Thought:

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