Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Love Story In Pictures: 3 Rivers 6 Pack and Eatery Edition

Southern Tier Old Man Winter Ale
Sexxy Wings (sweet and spicy, OMFG sooo good)
Cooler selections...$2.50 up to over $10.00

If I like something, I'm gonna tell you to try it.
This...this tiny little take out but hey we have food too! place is awesome.
The food, selection of beer and service...fantastic

3 Rivers 6 Pack and Eatery
6750 Hollywood Blvd
(below the Walmart)
Delmont PA 15626

Here's their link on Beeradvocate.com

1 comment:

spoon said...

I'd go check them out but they need to get a website if they want pimped.