Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NHL: National Hypocrisy League *updated*

Both Downie and Kunitz suspended ONE game each.
I think BOTH of those calls are horseshit. Kunitz should have been more and Downie, who has a friggin' history of this shit, should have had a bigger suspension too.***

Steve Downie with his completely illegal, left his feet, led with his elbow hit on Ben Lovejoy.

(click here if you cant see video)

Had that been Matt Cooke they probably would have strung him up and removed his testicles with knitting needles.

Hypocrisy...the NHL has it.

(and yes I know that Kunitz elbowed Gagne. Yes I know that was a dirty and illegal move too. I'm just expecting a bigger fine for Koon than Downie, seems par for the course with the NHL)

Fuck 'em.

Let's go Pens!


bluzdude said...

I have a problem with fines and suspensions on actions that only warranted a 2-minute penalty. It the infractions were that serious, and I think they were, they should have been addressed in-game. 5-minutes majors, at least.

Daghain said...

I'm still pissed Bertuzzi is allowed to play hockey and is not in jail for assault for his hit on Steve Moore, and that was like 7 years ago. He ended the guy's career, and he still gets to play? I don't think so.