Friday, August 5, 2011

Conversations with... Blake

This is something that I might have show up occasionally, funny conversations or texts shared with friends. I say might only because I'm rubbish at actually updating this on any kind of a regular basis.

First up is a conversation I had with Blake the other day.
He's coming up to Pittsburgh to spend his Thanksgiving holiday with me, the same week that Jay Z and Kanye West are coming here in concert. Now I'm not the biggest rap fan out there, but I like both of these artists music enough to want to go. Really want to go. Blake on the other hand, can't stand Kanye West personally.

(DISCLAIMER: I dont always use capitalization, punctuation, and all that when I'm texting)

ERIN: So jay z and kanye west are here nov 27. if i had tickets would you go with?

BLAKE: I love you more than the sun and the moon and Fruit Stripe Gum. But I would rather have my balls gnawed off by hamsters than go to a Kanye West concert.

ERIN: What if I say please?

BLAKE: I will kiss you and say I love you but Kanye should be run over with a steamroller and kicked into a pit filled incontinent skunks

ERIN: But I want to see Jay Z. What if I make "that" face?

BLAKE: I will kiss that face and find you Jay Z clips on Youtube

ERIN: ... you realize this whole conversation might end up a blog post.

BLAKE:...OK Sweetheart, as long as it's clear my objection is because Kanye is a despicable human waste with an empty soul and a ball of stupid where his brain should be.

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Anonymous said...

Well... he IS.