Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm 6 Years Old Today!

Elise making her birthday cake.

I'm not sure when it happened, but you went and grew up on me kid.
You are now my silly, smart, curious big girl. No more baby.
I love picking you up from school and listening to you tell me about your day.
I love it when you empty your folder across my back seat and show me all of your worksheets in the rearview.
I love how you happily crow "I GOT GREEN!" because you behaved in class.
I love your strip down to your undies "after school dance".
I love when you ask me questions about how things work, and then I hear you repeating it to your sister later.
I even love the "shades of teenage years to come" exasperated looks you give me when I'm being too silly for your newly refined tastes.
I love that you are kind and sweet and loving.
I love that you are not yet too old to come snuggle with me.
As much as I miss my drooly babygirl, I love seeing you grow up.
You will always be my LiseyPoo though, and yes, I will call you that in front of your boyfriend.
It's my right as your Aunt.
Happy 6th Birthday Elise!

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