Monday, April 9, 2012


With the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic looming on the horizon there has been a load of television,books,movies about that fateful night making the rounds. I'll fully admit that the Titanic is one of my favorite historical "things". I'll watch almost any show about it on History or NatGeo Channel, I had a brief obsession with the movie (Give me a break, I was like 18 and went to see it with my boyfriend...there's a metaphor for our relationship in there somewhere.) I am thoroughly enjoying the James Cameron special airing on NatGeo right now and am looking forward to the Ballard special airing tomorrow night.
On the lighter side of things (yeah I know it was a tragedy, dont lecture me) the hashtag Titanic2012 was trending on Twitter tonight and I literally laughed myself to tears over a few of these tweets.
It is basically the sinking of the Titanic/Movie! Titanic if it were to happen in our tech savvy always connected world today...

Here's a few of my favorittes, and my 3 contributions:

@ErinPatricia: Congratulations! You just unlocked the Hypothermia Sticker on Get Glue! #titanic2012

@ErinPatricia: KingofDaWorld, RichGirlRose just ousted you as the Mayor of Floating Door! #Titanic2012

@ErinPatricia: string quartet on deck, wouldn't play Freebird. Lame. 4/10 Would not recommend. #Titanic2012

@maureenjohnson ‏ YELP REVIEW "Trip ended before arrival in NYC. Water very cold. Many fatalities. Terrible buffet. Would not recommend." #titanic2012

@maureenjohnson I just ousted the Giant Sea Serpent as the Mayor of the North Atlantic Ocean on @foursquare. #titanic2012

@brandg: Don't worry. Ice can't cut metal. I saw it on Mythbusters! #Titanic2012

@SVAllie: Allie just checked in at N. Atlantic ocean with 2563 other people. #titanic2012

@ebonyMckenna stupid Google maps, telling me to get to promenade deck via back stairs. Hello, gate is locked!!! #titanic2012

@SVAllie: This life boat doesn't have a recharge station for laptops or phones??? Omg. So 1990s. Lame. #titanic2012

@EbonyMcKenna Rose DW unfriended Caledon Hockley #titanic2012
@EbonyMcKenna Titanic just friended Carpathia #titanic2012
@EbonyMcKenna Can I get wifi on the lifeboats? I need to keep tweeting this. #titanic2012

@BlakeMP WebMD diagnosed my symptoms as "bouncing off a propeller on the way down." I KNEW it. #titanic2012

@literaticat Klout says I'm influential about Icebergs, Life Rafts, Survival. I say I'm influential about Elbowing a Bitch Out the Way! LOL. #Titanic2012

@BlakeMP NOBODY PANIC. Google+ will save your pictures automatically. #Titanic2012

@ixtumea You mean I can't get the internet out here? #titanic2012

RT @itsapear "@maureenjohnson Siri, where is the nearest lifeboat? #titanic2012"

@missapples22 The Titanic Broke in Half (Taken with Instagram) #titanic2012

@maureenjohnson Terrible valet service. I think someone had sex in my car. #titanic2012

@BrittaniMai "Is it so hard to make a decent salad on a damn boat? I repeatedly asked for Romaine Lettuce but all they had was Iceberg. " #titanic2012

@Whitnage Yelp Review:Class divisions not strictly enforced. Lost my fiancée,diamond necklace,&coat to a 3rd class chap.Do Not Recommend #titanic2012

There are about 100 the hashtag if you wanna read them all :)

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