Tuesday, February 19, 2013


just had the first Wedding Planning Meltdown.
Thankfully it was a small one, contained to AIM with Blake.
But still...God help me.

This came out of it though, so there's that.

 Blake Petit 6:30 pm
    I love you.
    More than anything anything ever.

 Blake Petit 6:37 pm
    You are my heart.

 ErinPatricia 6:38 pm
    your heart needs like a double cheesburger with fries from wendys and a goddamn six pack and a shamrock shake. that would help. but eating my feelings will send me into wearing a tent on my wedding day so i cant.
    fuck bananas.

 Blake Petit 6:38 pm

 ErinPatricia 6:39 pm
    i mean like fuck you, banana. not like a strange new exclamation of anger

 ErinPatricia 6:39 pm
    i might start using fuck bananas now
    at least it made me laugh

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