Thursday, September 18, 2008

Your Thrift Store and You.

I work in a thrift store.
People donate their gently used goods and we either recycle them or resell them.

You would think that common sense would raise its head when it comes to what to, and what not to donate.

You would think.

You'd be wrong.

Heres a handy little guide for you and yours.

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Donating to your local Thrift Store:

Part One... CLOTHING.
We sell your used clothing. Yeah we do. What we dont sell we recycle or send off to people who dont even have the money to buy clothing at the thrift store. So, when we ask for your gently used clothing we mean GENTLY USED.
This means please stop giving us your dirty clothing.

Dirty...Food stains, Paint splatters, Massive amounts of pet hair, blood, feces, urine and other bodily fluids. SOMEONE has to sort through all of your donations. I dont give you bags of my drty socks and stained underwear to pick through, why should you do it to me.
Trust me, NOONE wants to touch your dirty filthy crotched undies.
When you are going through your clothing think like this...Would I pay money for that??
We DO NOT have washers and dryers...if its dirty or ripped or gross just fucking throw it away.
Stop using the Thrift Store as your garbage can.

Leaving money in pants and purses is greatly appreciated.
We get paid SHIT, so finding a ten dollar bill in the back pocket of a pair of denim shorts makes my day, so it does.

Linens...pretty much the same rules.
If you never wash your hair and you drool we do NOT want your pillows and pillowcases. If you dont wash or change your sheets please keep them, throw them out or burn them.

Misc. items....If it still works then yes we would love to have it. If its broken, rusty,missing pieces don't bother.
Oh, and anything with a cloth electrical cord, please just throw it away.

We dont want your old dirty shoes, your used dishes and pots and pans if there is still food in them and we especially dont want your old porn or vibrators (yes, we get those. I have seen 4-5 in my 2.5 years at the Store)

I'm sure Ill think of more for this list.
Please take it to heart, Im so tired of going through crap at work.

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