Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Zoo Fun.

On sunday my Mother and I took my Neices to the Pittsburgh Zoo.
Baby tigers playing,Penguins swimming, Lil' Baby Elephants and Mufasa, and Mr. Ray, and MONKEYS!! LOOK!! MONKEYS!!! and FISH! LOOK AUNT ERIN ITS NEMO!!!!!1!!111!
It was the hot and humid day from hell but they seemed to enjoy it very much.
And Elise got to see an elephant poop.
And she is still telling everyone about it.
"I saw and Lelephant! And it POOPED! It POOPED BIG!!"
She proceeded to tell her Grammy and Pappers, and her Mom, and the other kids in the tumblig class she went to last night, she told everyone that she saw an elephant poop.
I love that kid. Pictures n stuff...

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