Monday, November 24, 2008


Blake is here and except for the fact that getting to him at the airport was HELL because PENNDOT is on crack everything is wonderful so far.
I'm going to take him to DeLuca's for b-fast today and probably hit up Eide's and other stuff in and around town. I think we have to take a trip out to McKnight rd for something, but Im not sure yet.
There will probably be pictures n stuff later.

And oh yeah, he's a better writer than me so read his stuff about the trip


Jenniferocious said...

Hooray for happies! I hope you have a fantastic time. Can't wait for pics - you guys are too cute. <3

AJ said...

There are only two reasons to go to McKnight Rd.

Porn and Ham.

Both of which are available in monroeville. Don't go, it doesn't matter what time you go, it's going to be at least an hour's drive.