Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If you listen closely, you can hear Marion Hossa weeping.

OR in the more eloquent words of my friend Kevin:

The Detroit Red Wings confronted a difficult loss tonight at the hands of the Pittsburgh Penguins in a rematch of last year's Stanley Cup finals.

Marian Hossa, playing against his old team was held without a goal and only two assists. The Red Wings, meanwhile, gave up a 5-2 lead to lose in overtime with the final score 7-6. They also allowed a 19 year old kid to score a hat-trick.

"Losing a game is always tough, especially when it is a team full of young guys and people who you were friends with" said Hossa.

When asked to comment on his 3-goal, 4-point night, Jordan Staal opted to refrain from commenting beyond whipping out his dick and smacking it against the Red Wing logo at center ice.

In response to the center-ice antics, Jiri Hudler of the Red Wings was overheard stating "Seriously, fuck these guys."

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