Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Post In Which I Place My iTunes On Shuffle...

...because I have nothing else to say right now.
Its a boring time for me, Im healed, but still kind of tired
and I'm broke so no fun stories to tell you.

10:32 pm 3/4/10

Coin Operated Boy -- Dresden Dolls
Fool In The Rain -- Led Zeppelin
Fall To Pieces -- Velvet Revolver
White Lies -- Paolo Nutini
You've Got A Chance -- Bad Religion
Positively 4th Street -- Bob Dylan
No Karma -- Jaydiohead
Allentown -- Billy Joel
Paint This Town Red -- The Mahones
Time Baby III -- Medecine
Loose Lips -- Kimya Dawson
Supermassive Black Hole -- Muse
Solitary Shell -- Dream Theater
Deer Lodge -- These Arms Are Snakes
Won't Want For Love (Margaret in the Taiga) -- The Decemberists
Guitar Hero -- Amanda (fucking) Palmer
Send The Pain Below -- Chevelle
The Remedy -- Jason Mraz
Asleep At The Wheel -- Bloodhound Gang
Give 'Em Hell, Kid -- My Chemical Romance
Never Forget -- Dropkick Murphys
Movin' Right Along -- The Muppets
Tether -- The Buddy Brown Show
The Hero Of Canton (The Man They Call Jane) -- Adam Baldwin
ABC -- The Jackson 5
Open Your Eyes -- Snow Patrol
Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely -- Husker Du
I'm Shipping Up To Boston -- Dropkick Murphys
Like This -- Girl Talk
Swagger -- Flogging Molly
Summersong -- The Decemberists
The New Style -- Beastie Boys
The Beginning Of The End -- Nine Inch Nails
Friends On The Other Side -- (Keith David)The Princess and the Frog Soundtrack
I Saw Red -- Warrant
Take On Me -- Reel Big Fish
Need You Now -- Lady Antebellum
Hey Soul Sister -- Train
Run This Town -- Jay Z feat. Rhianna
Horchata -- Vampire Weekend
Young Wild and Free -- The Stickers
Everyone's At It -- Lily Allen

1:20am 3/5/10

Night all

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