Friday, May 21, 2010

iTunes Post.

I just have not been in the mood to write anything. I could write about the Penguins losing, or the last season of Hockey at the Igloo ( they removed the ice today, sob sob) but I'm just extremely unmotivated.


My iTunes on shuffle.

Start: 10:05 pm

Elephant Elephant -- Evelyn Evelyn
DOA -- Foo Fighters
Pain -- Four Star Mary
Oh My My -- Ani DiFranco
The Needle Has Landed -- Neko Case
Hollywood Bowl -- Band of Skulls
Aenema -- Tool
Head Down -- Nine Inch Nails
Whatshername -- Green Day
John Henry -- Bruce Springsteen
Helmethead -- Great Big Sea
Hell on Wheels -- The Clarks
Brain Crack -- Tracy Bonham
We Used to Vacation -- Cold War Kids
Speechless -- Lady Gaga
Cemetery Drive -- My Chemical Romance
Song For You -- Fuel
Last Request - -Paolo Nutini
Pinhead -- The Ramones
The Rake's Song -- The Decemberists
Bottle it Up -- Sara Bareilles
Morning Glory -- Oasis
Kiss Them for Me -- Siouxsie and the Banshees
I Belong to You/ Mon C'oeur S'ouvre A Ta Vous -- Muse
Here and Now -- Letters to Cleo
Coin Operated Boy -- The Dresden Dolls
The Perfect Crime #2 -- The Decemberists
Slow Ride -- Beastie Boys
The Gang's All Here -- Dropkick Murphys
This Tornado Loves You -- Neko Case
Black Friday Rule -- Flogging Molly
Eli, The Barrow Boy -- The Decemberists
36 Degrees -- Placebo
What You Give -- Tesla
My Poor Friend Me -- Bad Religion
911 is a Joke -- Public Enemy
Vessel -- Nine Inch Nails
Fade Into You -- Mazzy Star
Erie Canal -- Bruce Springsteen

End 1:05 am

Night all

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