Monday, February 21, 2011

Jump in the WayBack Machine

I often find myself trolling Youtube when I am up late/home from a night out and have had a drink or two/feeling melancholy/whatever.
I find myself looking for songs from 1995-1998. New Jersey days.
The one time in my life that I really wish I could have a do-over for.
I would change so many many things.
One thing I would never change was the music though.
This music defined me, in so many ways.

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(3eB get 3, you know why? It's cause I still have the CD I bought all the way back in 97, It has a place of honor in my car, and I still listen to it all. the. fucking. time.)


Daghain said...

I'm a child of the 80's, but OMG I LOVE Eve 6! Well, I love a lot of stuff since then, and like to think that "for my age" I keep up on a lot, but yeah, the 90's did have some kickass stuff happening.

Erin said...

Ahhh! I LOVE all these songs and I agree. These songs along with other's from the '90's perfectly defined my life as well.

I've kept this page up in the background at work today and I'm going down the list, playing them all. :)