Monday, September 10, 2012

Conversations With....Blake

ErinPatricia 9:42 pm

 Blake Petit 9:42 pm

 Blake Petit 9:49 pm
    Lots of Phillip K. Dick here.

 Blake Petit 9:56 pm
    Goddamn Finnega's Wake.
    Have you ever tried to read Finnegan's Wake?

 ErinPatricia 10:00 pm

 Blake Petit 10:00 pm

 ErinPatricia 10:01 pm

 Blake Petit 10:01 pm
    The only reason to try to read Finnegan's Wake is if you hate yourself so much that suicide is too easy an out.

 ErinPatricia 10:01 pm
    can i quote you

 Blake Petit 10:01 pm
It follows absolutely no rules of plot, character, sentence structure, or comprehension. It is an absolute MESS.

 ErinPatricia 10:01 pm
    why is it a classic then

 Blake Petit 10:02 pm
    So that pretentious people can pretend they understand it and act like they're smarter than everybody else.
    Joyce was brilliant, but he decided to use his brilliance to write something so goddamn confusing that you need a CIA decoder to try to decipher.

 Blake Petit 10:02 pm
    Seriously, just try reading the first page:

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