Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mardi Gras Parade #3

The Krewe of Argus, Metairie, Louisiana.

We Got up at 7am for this one.
Blakes Dad and his Uncle Gill headed out to Vetrens Blvd. in Metairie at 5am to grab us a spot to watch the parade. Joining Blake and I were his mom and dad, his Aunt Donna and Uncle Gill (his parents best friends)his sister Heather, her husband Will and his brother David. Blake's Uncle Kent and his daughter Amanda joined us a little later.
We took a walk down the 3 lane highway, looking at all the people and trying to find some friends of Heathers, and on the way back Blake bought me a big assed Strawberry Daiquiri in a big blinking mug.
The parade was fun, with the main Krewe and two smaller ones with truck floats, all in all close to 200 floats in the whole thing.
I got more sunburnt, buzzed by noon, and have more beads, toys and a freaking rubber chicken.
I also managed to catch Blakes dad his traditional Moon Pie :)

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