Monday, March 2, 2009

Fly the unfriendly skies.

What should have been:
New Orleans to Charlotte, departing @ 630pm Sunday.
Charlotte to Pittsburgh departing @ 10something Sunday
Arrive home in Pittsburgh around 1130pm

What is:
New Orleans to Charlotte, departing @ 630 pm Sunday.
Diverted from Charlotte to Raliegh because the runway was shut down, and we needed gas after being in a holding pattern for an hour.
Land in Raliegh, but they wont honor transfers or connections.
Holding pattern because ANOTHER RUNWAY HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN.
Land @ Charlotte 1230AM Monday.
US Airways counter closed till 4am.
Wait. Wait

835am to Pitt canceled.
905am to Pitt on standby list
1130am to Pitt on standby list
100PM to Greensboro, connecting in NY (LaGuardia), Connecting to Pitt, CONFIRMED.

Im tired, dont feel well, hungry, pissed off, wondering if my luggage will be in Pitt when I get there, and how damaged it will be, very short on money or would have just gotten hotel and flown out tuesday, want Blake, want cigarette, want book thats in missing luggage.
Want very badly to choke a bitch. Any bitch will do.

Thank the sweet baby Jesus I got onto the 905am flight and landed in Pitt at 11am. I was home and snuggled with my cat on my couch by 1230p.
I consider it Karma repaying me for helping some 90 year old woman with the BlackBerry her son bought her at around 230am. She had no idea how to use it.

To sum up. I boarded an airplane at 600pm sunday and finally landed in Pittsburgh at 11am monday.

You do the math.

Oh, yeah.
My luggage was there when I landed, so they at least did that right.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, sweetheart. :(