Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fuck you very much

So yesterday I had a note in the mail that there was a certified letter waiting for me at the post office.
The sender line simply said "tax"
I thought it would be from the IRS, since I e-filed and they had to send me something to sign and send back to them for an official signature.
I simply thought that maybe something happened and they didn't get/lost the signed letter I sent back to them.
Oh no.
It's better than that.

I had a letter waiting for me stating that the Borough of Plum is going to garnish my wages to pay for taxes dating back to 2001.
With fees, interest, the actual tax ($10.00 I think) and penalties added in this equals almost $1,700.

I have paid this tax every year since I started working.
Its one of the first things I do when tax season rolls around.
I have been on the phone, been to the Borough office, argued with five million people and almost torn all of my hair out over this.


And they won't budge on it.


I'm fucked. My bank has not gotten back to me yet. And when this all started (2001) I was with a different bank, so I don't have any record from them yet.
The letter states they have to inform me 15 days before they start garnishing my wages ( which, since I am a huge loser with no car who needs to work very close to home, are shit (seriously, my paychecks every two weeks are under $400.00 add in bills and paying my mom for stuff, that leaves me very little to play with) means I don't make much in the first place) but the letter is dated ten! days ago. So that leaves me with 5 days to come up with $1,700 in full to pay off this bullshit means I'm fucked.
So possibly there goes seeing Blake during Mardi Gras, doing anything resembling a social life, all Christmas presents, and could also ruin my plans for summer.

So thank you Borough of Plum
Thank you so very much for failing one of your citizens.

And you wonder why people keep moving to Westmorland County.


Mark Rauterkus said...

Take them to court. Plead your case before a judge.

AJ said...

Talk to Jason, Erin. He may have some advice. And i'd fight this. I've done it too, but it was Local Municipal tax.

spoon said...

I've had this issue with Bellevue. Thankfully my employer has records of all my W2's so I was able to fight it and win... and then the following year it would happen again... and i'd win again.

CorinaLily said...

Shit! This totally SUCKS! WTF?

I hope like hell your old bank can get back to you with the proper info fast enough.

*shakes fist angrily*

EdHeath said...

If you have even one cancelled check, or you can get bank records showing you made the payment, it will go a long way towards making your case. Your bank statements may have this informaiton on them. Also, you should check to see if you kept a copy of your local tax form for any or all those years.

Seems like they might have mentioned something before now. If for some reason you were sending the checks to the wrong address, Plum might have been helpful and let you know they hadn't received your check/tax from/W2. I am assuming your employer is not witholding to Plum. You might want to have your payroll office do that, starting in 2010.