Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap.

This was without a doubt the best ever but also most failtastic Thanksgiving EVAR!
Best ever because I got to spend it with Blake. Failtastic for almost everything else.

Sunday: Blakes flight is set to arrive @ 12:52pm. I get detoured off the parkway into the Detour From Hell at around 11:45. Keep in mind in real life Im only about half an hour from the airport at this point. I finally get to the airport to pick him up at 1:20. Yeah. Thanks PENNDOT. You fail.
But I got to come down that escelator into baggage claim and walk into him arms so instantly all anger and stress from gridlocked traffic was gone.
Finally. I had not seen him since July and I was happy.
We stopped at Uncle Sam's at The Pointe and grabbed lunch, geeked around in Half Price Books and then we hit up WallyWorld for some yogurt and drinks for the fridge in the room and went back to the hotel.

Monday: DeLuca's for breffast!! Chocolate Chip Pancakes FTW! I also took him to Eide's and The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company (omg yum) Then out to McKnight Rd for some shopping and finally we hit up the Waterfront Lowes for Twilight (check out the Week in Geek movie review we did )
After that I took him to Monroeville Mall so he could check out Toy Galaxy, one of my new fave, collectibles, comis, and TONS OF ZOMBIE STUFF!!! He loved it, like I knew he would, and I picked up my Monroeville Zombies hoodie :)

Tuesday: Tuesday was cold and snowy, it became the unofficial stay in bed and watch movies day. We watched a few movies, ordered some pizza in and watched Casino Royale so we could later that night head out to see Quantum of Solace.Dinner at the Rivertowne Pourhouse and some of the last of their Pumpkin Spice Beer made the night complete. Did I mention it snowed... Blake loved the snow. Im sure if he moved here that would change after a while, but for now...he loves it.

Wednesday: OMG DIRECTION FAIL. lol
Blake wanted to head out to New Dimension Comics in McMurray and I love to drive so I had no problem with this plan. Till I realized I went the wrong way on 79 (the directions did not specify north or south) Once I figured this out I eventually got us where we needed to go, and NDC was a really nice shop. We also hit up Phantom of the Attic in Monroeville before we headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings for the Penguins game. My friends Janelle, Jon, Lindsey and Brian were there, and my brother and his wife showed up too. The Pens kicked ass and we had a great night.

Thursday: Turkey Day! Woke up early and watched the Macy's parade. I mocked Matt Lauer mercilessly while Blake laughed.
After another direction fail courtesy of my brother we headed out to the Westinghouse Castle in Wilmerding where my SIL and her mom were helping out with a community lunch dinner thing. It was really nice and the food was good and I got to see my girls.
After we ate my brother told us to come over to his house so we did. Lydia was asleep when we got there and my brother looked tired as hell so I told him to go take a nap and Blake and I would watch Elise.
I taught her how to make turkeys with her hand and we colored and watched Mickey Mouse and made fun of Blakes snoring when he succumed to his own turkey coma on the couch (ME: He snores just like your daddy dosent he? ELISE: He growls!) Pretty soon Lydia started crying so I had both girls to look after, which of course meant at some point it turned into 2 small girls tackling and jumping on Aunt Erin while Blake watched and laughed.
After that we went back to the hotel for the T-giving buffet. Blake, myself, my mom, brother, sister in law and the 2 girls. The food was really really good and its something I would definately do again if I didnt want to cook.
Poor Blake was left to deal with a screaming Lydia when Aunt Erin had to take Neice Elise to the bathroom last minute. Lydia stated screaming the moment I was out of her sight because Momma and Daddy and Grammy were all getting food and she had no flippin idea who this weird guy sitting next to her. Poor guy, he tried to comfort her but she was not having any of it. Dinner was great and we hit the room stuffed untill Blake realized he felt kind of crappy. Last minute run to WallyWorld again for cold meds and more drinks for the rooms mini fridge. Back to the hotel, again. Sleep followed quickly. Maybe not sleep, more like Turkey induced comas.

Black Friday sucked ass.
I had to work 8a-230p. Blake was supposed to take me in so he could meet some people at work but he felt crappy so I drove to work, missed him terribly, drove straight back to the hotel and threw myself into his arms as soon as I could. We had a date to meet his Uncle Scott at Center Ice in Delmont. Coinkydink time folks...Blakes Uncle lives in Cincy, Blake has not seen him since his sisters wedding 2 years ago and here he was, with his son Ryan, no more than 15 min away. We hit Center Ice and watched Ryans team, The Queen City Steam take down the Allegheny Badgers 1-0. And! it was Blakes cousin Ryan who scored the only goal. Plus we offically became the first ones in his family to see Ryan in a game so double cool.

Saturday, how I hate saturday. Blake had to leave me on saturday and I miss him so much. So so so so so much.
Spending time with him always makes me realize how much more myself I feel around him. I can act normal, more normal than I act even with my friends. I love him, more and more everytime we are together. Ill be joining him in Feburary for Mardi Gras, and I cant wait for the time we will be able to spend more than just a stolen week here and there together.

Not many pictures were taken this time around. sorry guys.


Burgh Baby said...

Dude, I do believe you hit every corner of town and then some. You've left me thinking it's time for a trip to Monroeville Mall. Toy Galaxy? I missed that somehow.

AJ said...

just need to tell you, i better be in the god-damned wedding.


oh and you fail for missing woody's or tillie's in mckeesport.

<3 miss you erinp.

Anonymous said...

Toy Galaxy was awesome.

The zombie motion simulator ride, I can skip.