Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"I'm not 4 until I blow out my candles and make a wish!" (#4)

According to my niece Elise this is how birthdays work. It didn't matter that she turned 4 years old on Friday, she was not truly 4 years old until she had blown out her candles and made a wish on Sunday.
So blow them out she did.
She had a yummy cake that she helped decorate with her mommy and she got to open presents and beat up the Nemo pinata my mom and I had bought for her room a year or two ago. The neighborhood kids who came over especially liked the candy filled pinata bashing, and the playing in the fallen leaves that came afterward.

1 comment:

bluzdude said...

I trust someone told her not to try jumping off the roof with only those wings on?

She at least needs an umbrella. Opened, preferrably