Monday, November 30, 2009

Make Room For Kids (#30)

Once upon a time there was an online contest where you could vote for your local Children's Hospital, where the winning hospital got a playroom from X-BOX filled with fun stuff for sick kids to take their minds off being a sick kid.
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh did not win.

Enter Ginny Montanez, a.k.a. PittGirl, from the defunct BurghBlog and the totally awesome why aren't you reading this if you are from The Burgh That's Church

Ginny has a thing about sick kids. She also has a thing about helping them. When CHoP lost out on that online voting contest Ginny decided she was going to raise the $10,000 needed to give an awesome X-Box/computer/games/playroom to CHoP, using just the awesomeness that is the people of Pittsburgh.

She contacted the Mario Lemieux Foundation, who is involved in something called The Playroom Project,that places playrooms in local hospitals. What Ginny wants to accomplish would be the first "big kid" playroom the MLF has been involved with.

Ikea of Pittsburgh also stepped up to the plate, amazingly offering $5,000 of furnishings for the playroom so that the MLF will not have to use any of the money raised on anything other than games and their accessories for the kids.

The MLF will be collecting the donations on behalf of Ginny and anyone awesome enough to donate to this cause.
You can donate HERE through PayPal and the Mario Lemieux Foundation

This is an amazing opportunity to do something good.
Anything you can give will go to help a sick kid have a little bit of time where they can stop thinking about being a sick kid, stuck in the hospital.

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