Sunday, November 29, 2009

It;s Amazing, What You Can Find At Walmart (#29)

At our local Walmart today there was a man selling raffle tickets for a local Fire Company. The winner gets an autographed Evgeni Malkin jersey. Apparently his son also works for the Penguins organization, because he had this with him to lure people into spending their $3.00 on a ticket.

It's freakin' huge.
And it's pretty, so so pretty.

also, I wish I had remembered that I had my real camera in my purse, maybe the picture wouldn't be so crappy If I had.
And I'm a hot mess in this picture lol.

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pghrugbyangel said...

omg is that the largest thing ever. i mean, it looked big on sid's hand, but seriously? that's gigantic.